Wednesday, March 4, 2015

February was this blog's biggest month by far, and the stories that drove the uptick were about feminist hostility to fairness

February was by far this blog's biggest month ever in terms of viewing stats, and the uptick wasn't driven by one or two stories -- there were a bunch of them.

The stories that did best were the ones involving hostile reactions to basic fairness for men accused of rape. The hostility is an epidemic, a sort of national pathology, driven by Women's Studies professors on campuses across America. February was, in fact, a cavalcade of lunacy on this blog -- a breathtaking parade of the worst of modern feminism, all in just one month. And friends, I wasn't trying very hard this month -- I was pulled away on a personal issue for a chunk of days and couldn't devote much time to blogging.

I ask in all seriousness, doesn't the feminist community pay attention to these stories? Aren't the feminist leaders embarrassed by these things? Ask yourself how an average American would view these stories -- my guess is they'd assume feminism is a joke. I seriously wish I had nothing to blog about.

Women, as a class, have serious issues that ought to be addressed, and to the extent feminist activists are diverting attention to this looniness -- this man-hating (and there is no other term for it) -- they do women a grave disservice.

The stories that got the biggest audiences on this blog in February were the following:

*Sorority sisters at Univ. of Virginia now realize the 'war on rape' treats women like children -- they were the last to find out

*Former Columbia student newspaper editor admits the paper would have been excoriated if it had covered Emma Sulkowicz's "rape" story impartially

*Feminists have a conniption because someone publicized the "he said" side of a major "he said-she said" rape claim

*Five male university students accused of sexual assault are suing the school -- and you will enjoy the school's response

*Is mattress-toting Emma Sulkowicz a rape victim or a woman who manufactured her own victimhood with a story that's a moving target? Here's the timeline.

*"I believe Emma Sulkowicz" -- because her story is so full of holes

*Jessica Valenti tries to justify her hostility to due process for men

*Angry protest: Ohio University students declare that due process for college men is "bullshit"

*16 Penn Law Professors say sexual assault proceedings are unfair to the accused

Woman falsely accuses man she barely knew of rape in order to reconcile with her mother, turns his life into a living hell

*Angry Penn law students lash out at law professors' call for fairness: COTWA's response

*Students at Berkeley protest against fairness for college men accused of rape

*University of Wisconsin panel discussion: men accused of rape should not be innocent until proven guilty