Friday, March 6, 2015

A whirl around the world of the sexual grievance industry: a little reading for the weekend

*In the Los Angeles Times, Meghan Daum takes the campus grievance culture to task.

*In the "date rape drug" case at Brown, it turns out there's no evidence of a date rape drug, but the anti-due process forces are outraged because the school won't hold a hearing against the accused student. And the frat is still suspended.

*Emily Yoffe explains why the propaganda film "The Hunting Ground" doesn't present a fair picture.

*Gadfly John Stossel -- no stranger to the sexual grievance industry -- pulls no punches in explaining that rape culture is a myth.

*The discredited Rolling Stone rape story led the government to launch its own investigation. Tax money well spent.

*Witness says accuser made up rape claim and thought it would be "funny."

*Student cleared of alleged rape where the accuser has an incomplete memory of the event, but anti-due process activist insists her incomplete memory is proof she couldn't consent -- so the accused should be found responsible.