Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Woman falsely accuses man she barely knew of rape in order to reconcile with her mother, turns his life into a living hell

Lisa-Jayne Samuels, 29, was estranged from her mother, so she concocted a plan to reconcile: she falsely accused an innocent man she barely knew of rape.

Terry Brown, 33, the innocent man she targeted, was arrested on June 19, 2013, after Samuels claimed he attacked her in a bar. He was questioned by police and forced to take part in a line-up. He was denied access to his two children. He was badly beaten by a vigilante mob, and his 25-year-old partner lost the baby she was carrying when she tripped while the couple were escaping an angry mob. His house was covered in graffiti that accused him of being a rapist. He has been unable to work as a plasterer since the allegation was made and is taking antidepressants.

Finally, CCTV proved Samuels had not even been at the bar where she was allegedly attacked on the night in question, and police found the purported friends she said she was with did not exist.

Fourteen months after the initial allegation, Samuels finally confessed she had made up the entire story.

Mr. Brown has now moved out of the area to start a new life because of fears for his safety.

It turns out Samuels had falsely cried "rape" twice before. She had made a false rape claim in 2002 when she was 16 because she did not want her mother to know she had slept with a Kosovan man. She lodged a second fictitious claim against the same man later that year. She made a hoax 999 call to report a fire.

Samuels pleaded guilty to perverting the course of justice and was imprisoned for 20 months.

In the news reports about this incident, the news outlets emphasized that Samuels is a mother of four. The reader has to dig deeper to learn that the victim -- the falsely accused man -- is a father of two.

Sadly, this is by no means the most outrageous reason we've seen for falsely accusing a man of rape. See here, but don't read it on an empty stomach.