Friday, February 27, 2015

Students at Berkeley protest against fairness for college men accused of rape

At a national conference on campus sexual assault and violence hosted by UC Berkeley, students protested a panel discussion on ensuring fair processes for sexual misconduct investigations. See here and here.

Read that again: students protested the very idea that their classmates accused of rape should be treated fairly. This is becoming a disturbing -- indeed, otherworldly -- trend. Recently, college students in Ohio protested due process for men accused of sexual assault by branding it "bullshit."

The Bekeley protesters put duct tape over their mouths and surrounded the perimeter of the room, holding signs of purported survivor testimonies. This was all intended to raise awareness about the insensitive treatment campus rape survivors receive.

My guess is that not one of the speakers on the panel suggested that the kangaroo campus rape process works for anyone -- including accusers. But this particular panel discussion wasn't about the accuser, it was about the accused, and that's what infuriated the protesters. On modern American campuses, there is no room in the public discourse for even one panel discussion about fairness for presumptively innocent men accused of campus rape. Any such talk distracts from the narrative scripted by the sexual grievance industry. It's all about them. If someone dares to talk about the need for silly things like "fairness" or "due process" for the men accused, they are being "insensitive" to rape victims, or they are a "rape apologist," a "victim denier," or a misogynist. In days long gone, insuring fairness in adjudicating guilt or innocence was a Constitutional mandate and a civic virtue. On modern American college campuses, it's "rape culture."

The comments that most annoyed the protesters were the ones that raised the specter of the hanging trees of the Old South, where lynchings were also animated by a disturbing hostility to the due process rights of the presumptively innocent. It is ironic that the protesters don't realize that they, too, are waging the war on sexual assault with the memes of the hangman.