Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Angry protest: Ohio University students declare that due process for college men is "bullshit"

Prof. KC Johnson, the man whose landmark blog helped expose the injustice to three Duke lacrosse players falsely accused of rape, spoke at Ohio University last night about how college sex tribunals fail to provide the accused with adequate due process, and enraged Ohio University students disrupted his presentation and treated his message with irate derision. (Incidentally, Prof. Johnson's message was the same as the position famously advocated by 28 mostly liberal Harvard Law professors in the Boston Globe last October.)

According to the student run newspaper, The Post: "Before Johnson began his presentation, protesters unanimously stood up, faced the crowd, and bared white-colored shirts that read 'Rape is Real.'" The back of their shirts said "This is bullsh--.”

Greg Piper wrote in the College Fix: "Who can be against due process? Apparently a lot of young people wearing political T-shirts, holding signs and refusing to sit down."

An English professor asked Prof. Johnson why he defends "the most privileged people" instead of the oppressed. Presumably the questioner meant, why does Prof. Johnson defend white males who are accused of sexual assault, as if white males are undeserving of due process merely by virtue of their birth class. This, of course, is the same attitude that prompted Amanda Childress, Sexual Assault Awareness Program coordinator at Dartmouth College, to openly ask: "Why could we not expel a student based on an allegation?"

The College Fix correctly called the protest "campus wackiness." It was modern feminism at its most anti-intellectual.

The radical group F--kRapeCulture was behind the protest, and it did what campus anti-due process purveyors do best: it resorted to name-calling, branding Prof. Johnson a "rape apologist." Then it posited the following assertion with no authority beyond its otherworldly ipse dixit: ". . . more people falsely report themselves dead each year than falsely report rapes." That's a new one I suspect we'll be hearing again and again. It has as much validity at Bigfoot, the Loch Ness monster, and the "rape" of "Jackie" at UVA as reported by Rolling Stone.

The group exclaimed that "rape is real, and we as a university community must support our survivors," as if Professor Johnson disagrees.

One member of that radical group accused Johnson of disrespecting women. “As a member of F*ckRapeCulture, we appreciate you coming to validate our fight against rape apologists such as yourself,” said Claire Chadwick, who helped start the group. “You clearly do not respect women or any survivor of sexual assault.”

Inanity like this speaks for itself and requires no refutation. There's really no sense trying to find common ground with people who equate advocating for fair hearings with hatred of women. Civil discourse is not possible because the purveyors of that view think that every accusation is tantamount to a conviction.

Another member of that radical group asked Prof. Johnson why he supports "the justice system" when it doesn't necessarily provide "justice for all." This, presumably, was intended to suggest that rape victims are denied justice in the criminal justice system, as if Prof. Johnson favors that, and as if that has anything to do with the undeniable necessity of fair proceedings for persons accused of criminal offenses.

Look at the photographs above. This is the disgraceful, anti-intellectual face of modern campus feminist activism that is not merely hostile to due process for college men accused of sexual assault, it is at war with it. Not that long ago, no self-respecting liberal would be caught dead protesting against due process -- for anyone -- but those days are gone. The braying mob marches in lockstep to the PC group-think of its moral superiors -- hateful, anti-due process feminist activists. For me, this is a new low for the feminist movement. Let us wait to see if any prominent feminist condemns it.