Thursday, January 8, 2015

UK to men falsely accused of rape: drop dead

The screeching usual suspects are at it again in the UK, ranting about how men accused of rape don't deserve anonymity -- and, when it comes to sexual assault, the screeching usual suspects control public policy.

We answered their arguments two years ago, and they haven't come up with anything new. See here.

They're insisting that men accused of rape don't deserve anonymity for the same tired reason they routinely trot out: rape is a "worse" problem.

Can you say "non sequitur"?

Even if that were true, do they realize how they come off?  Do they even care? Imagine if we weren't allowed to talk about heart disease because cancer is a "worse" problem.

The "real" problem is underreporting, they insist -- which they prove by pointing to all these rapes that must be occurring but that are never reported so no one can ever say if they're right.

The problem about rape, clucked someone who goes by the name Joan Smith, "isn’t about a handful of men who have been wrongly accused . . . ." It's "the many thousands of victims who don’t get justice at all . . . ."

First, to Smith and a horde of puerile gender extremists like her, there is an equivalence between the injustice faced by women who, for whatever reason, don't report their rapes, and the injustice to men and boys who are destroyed by false rape claims. Given this supposed equivalence, coupled with their insistence that underreporting of rape is rampant, and false rape claims hardly ever happen, falsely accused men are not a concern to them, and they shouldn't be to you or me.

Let's say this unequivocally. There is no equivalence in the two injustices: it is far worse to be falsely accused than to see your rapist elude prison. See here.

Second, they insist that false accusations are very rare. This, too, is a reckless untruth. See here.

We get tired of seeing the same hateful arguments trotted out year after year. And it's never going to stop because gender zealots are subsidized by tax and tuition dollars to keep it up. It's their job.