Friday, December 19, 2014

Female college president's photo with bare-chested male students prompts professors to question whether the college has "a casual attitude toward sexual assaults"

Before the Christmas holiday break, East Stroudsburg University President Marcia Welsh was visiting the campus' residence halls to deliver holiday cookies and she was greeted by various groups of students "showing their holiday spirit." At Hawthorn Suites, she was greeted by bare-chested male students donning Santa hats who call themselves the "Hawthorn Hotties." John Alston, one of the "Hotties," said the guys "thought it would be funny."

President Welsh posed with the young men for a photo and then tweeted it along with photos of other stops on her cookie delivery tour. The picture of Welsh with the "Hotties" is strictly PG material -- the "Hotties" didn't actually "show their holiday spirit" but kept it in their pants.

It turns out the "Hotties" are amateur erotic male dancers on campus who fund-raise for charitable causes, like prostate cancer research and awareness about domestic violence and sexual assault, and to promote other student organizations.

From the reaction to the tweet, you'd think President Welsh posed for a photo-op with the Steubenville rapists. wrote: "It has professors questioning whether East Stroudsburg is a university that has . . . a casual attitude toward sexual assaults."

If you're scratching your head, or other parts of your anatomy, over that non sequitur, scratch mine, too (just my head, please).

Tying this photo to sexual assault is akin to saying that if President Welsh posed with the local fire department, it would show the school has a casual attitude toward arson. The one has nothing to do with the other.

President Welsh fired back at her critics, noting that the guys raise money for cancer research, and the criticism of the photo "is not only an insult to them but a malicious disservice to the good work they do for our university and the community."

President Welsh ought to go further. She ought to redo the photo as an "in-your-face" Christmas card for her critics, only this time, the "Hotties" ought to don thongs, and it should have a greeting like this: "Hoping you savor the holiday season as much as I savor copping a feel of sophomore John Alston's fine, tight ass!"

The critics do make one interesting point. One professor said: "I wouldn't be surprised if at a university where a male president posted such a thing he would be fired."

Given that the sexual grievance industry's hypersensitivity about men and sex borders on pathology, that wouldn't surprise me in the least.