Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Berkeley, Missouri violent protests: Another example of extremists crying "injustice" when they don't like an outcome, the facts be damned

A measure of whether someone is reasonable is whether he or she comes to a conclusion based on facts. Sadly, too many on both the angry left and the angry right are unconcerned about facts.

Woman cries rape, police cite evidence supporting the decision not to charge the accused: injustice.

A police officer kills a black teen after the teen apparently raised a gun at him: injustice.

I've seen the video in  the Berkeley, Missouri shooting, and it appears the deceased raised a gun at the police officer. This may prove incorrect, but based on what we know, a suburban St. Louis police officer shot and killed a man who pointed a gun at him. That doesn't merit violent protests. The deceased man's angry mother told reporters that the deceased "was trying to get his life back on track after getting expelled from school." Apparently pointing a gun at a police officer was part of that whole getting-his-life-back-on-track thing.

Yes, it's time to have that "national conversation" about race so many frequently call for. And that needs to include this: if you ever want to persuade middle America that what you're saying is rational, you need to learn to pick your spots.

The only "winners" from this incident are the news outlets. Sorry, Fox News et al, New York Mayor DeBlasio is right. The picture being presented to the world exacerbates conflict. When you present extremists as the norm, the actions of extremists seem more acceptable to people who otherwise wouldn't think so. If police officers have targets on their backs today, the news outlets haven't helped matters and might actually be fomenting discord.