Thursday, November 13, 2014

The grotesque injustice to Josh Strange

The college anti-rape advocates don't want you to know that there's another side to the story, a side they pretend doesn't exist. But it does exist, and Josh Strange's story exemplifies it. Read it here.

Innocence Project guru Mark A Godsey has said that "the risk of wrongful conviction is the highest when there’s public outcry. Most of the exonerations and wrongful convictions have occurred in rape cases." Earlier this year, NCHERM's Brett Sokolow, a feminist who who has done more for sexual assault victims on campus than anyone, cautioned colleges that when a man and a woman engage in mutually tipsy sex, the school can't single out the guy for discipline. That's discrimination. Sokolow also said that in "a lot" of cases, "the campus is holding the male accountable in spite of the evidence – or the lack thereof – because they think they are supposed to, and that doing so is what OCR wants."

Lest the usual suspects accuse us of "rape apology," please know that we have made the point on this blog that it is critical for law enforcement to take rape seriously to avoid the inevitable public outcry when they don't. As we explained, "prosecutors who turn a blind eye to rape are no friends of the wrongly accused."

But the pendulum has swung too far. Colleges are cowering and kowtowing to public outcries from women's groups, and now many are on a witch hunt to expel as many of our sons as they can when they are accused of sexual assault. Innocents like Josh Strange are suffering because of it. To quote Arthur Miller, attention, attention must finally be paid to such a person.

Please visit FACE's site here.  Jessica Valenti, no friend of the presumption of innocence, mocked the efforts of  the mothers who started FACE, and that's reason enough to support FACE.