Thursday, November 13, 2014

"All men" are responsible for the bad things that happen to women

"All men" are responsible for the bad things that happen to women, writes Socialist Michael Laxer. "This is a very uncomfortable and inconvenient truth," Laxer clucks, "there are no 'good guys,'" and men, as a class, "are responsible."

Like so many bien pensant gender extremists who are happy to reduce "men" as a class to vile caricature, Laxer has no concern that his "masculinity-needs-to-be-reconstructed" meme engenders disrepute of feminism. He seems happy enough just preaching to the choir of like-minded nitwits who assume the vast middle class is overflowing with unenlightened misogynists.

Because so many men supposedly reacted defensively to Laxer's stupidity (I mean, what a vast readership Laxer must have!), Laxer penned this train-wreck of an explanation. If you can get beyond the first few insipid paragraphs, your tolerance threshold for stupidity is probably way too high.

Laxer's embarrassing school boy white-knight-ism isn't worthy of any, much less any serious, refutation. Let's just ask ourselves, who agrees with Laxer's sort of nonsense, and who disagrees.

Let's take America's leading anti-rape organization, RAINN. Even RAINN recently distanced itself from the "rape culture" meme in a letter to the White House. "Rape is caused not by cultural factors but by the conscious decisions, of a small percentage of the community, to commit a violent crime," according to RAINN. The "unfortunate" tendency to blame "rape culture" for sexual assault, RAINN wrote, "has led to an inclination to focus on . . . traits that are common in many millions of law-abiding Americans (e.g., 'masculinity'), rather than on the subpopulation at fault: those who choose to commit rape."

But, of course, Jessica Valenti agrees with Laxer. Valenti's singular, jaw-dropping idiocy speaks for itself, and if Jessica Valenti supports Laxer's piece, that, in itself, is a strong indication that Laxer's piece should not be taken seriously.