Sunday, July 20, 2014

Jessica Valenti's brand of hate should not be tolerated in polite society

Jessica Valenti is an extremist pop feminist writer who is prone to write things about men that are, by any measure, hateful, irrational, and indefensible. See here. Her shtick is to preach to the choir of like-minded gender extremists, so there is nothing remotely resembling balance, nuance or even-handedness in her blather. The things she writes are not worthy of serious refutation, and feminists concerned about their brand ought to denounce her and her kind of 1970s' gender get-evenism.

Valenti has hit a new low, even for her. She off-handedly ridicules the efforts of three mothers who started Families Advocating for Campus Equality (FACE) that seeks to raise awareness about the injustices faced by presumptively innocent college students accused of sexual misconduct. Each of the three founders of FACE has been touched directly by campus rape injustice: their sons were ensnared by it.

So, of course, for extremists like Jessica Valenti, FACE is bullshit; the three women who started it are rape apologists; their sons are, of course, rapists.  Read what Valenti tweeted (her hate-filled snark is at the end the message):

"Not My Nigel" is radical feminist shorthand to suggest that women who defend their male loved ones accused of rape or similar acts are defending rapists.

Valenti almost certainly doesn't know the first thing about any of the three cases she's ridiculing. But, you see, that's Jessica Valenti's specialty: writing about things she knows nothing about.