Friday, July 25, 2014

Gender crazies make it official: the truth is 'victim blaming'

In its continuing efforts to right gender inequities, the enlightened pundits of Cosmopolitan -- whose previous work includes such hard-hitting pieces as "Guess the Olympic Bulge" -- are taking on the most formidable monster they've ever battled: the truth. Cosmopolitan and other gender zealots are having a conniption over "offensive" posters at hospitals and colleges that carry the slogan "one in three reported rapes happens when the victim has been drinking." Cosmo says these posters "go against" initiatives that battle "persistent myths" about rape, and that the posters are rightly condemned "for shifting the blame onto victims and clearly failing to point out that in fact, three in three rapes happen when a rapist decides to rape someone."

First, the fact that at least a third, and likely a lot more, rape victims drink at the time they are assaulted is not a "persistent myth," it is an indisputable fact, just as the sky is blue and water is wet, whether Cosmo likes it or not.

Second, the posters do not "blame" victims, excuse rapists, hate women, or, for that matter, advocate that the American League scrap the designated hitter. They provide useful information, and we do our daughters no favors hiding it. Dr. David Lisak's research shows that the vast majority of campus rapists -- 80.8% -- report raping victims who were incapacitated because of drugs or alcohol. That is a staggering percentage, and our kids need to hear about it because (1) it's a lot easier to spot and nab rapists when you know their modus operandi, and (2) our daughters ought to know they the are most vulnerable when they drink themselves to oblivion. But the PC police want to sweep it under the rug because they resent the fact that our daughters, but not our sons, are being told they need to be careful about doing a fun thing like drinking themselves to incapacity. (I, for one, am all in favor of telling our sons not to do it, either.) The gender zealots seem to detest any anti-rape efforts except the kind that tell "men" not to rape. Claims of rape advocates notwithstanding, Dr. Lisak also says that mild educational efforts telling men not to rape don't stop the predators who commit the vast majority of rapes.

Third, are young women really so stupid that they need a poster to tell them that rape happens "when a rapist decides to rape someone"? Cosmo and like-minded advocates hold a pretty damn dim view of our daughters.

It is well to wonder if we will ever have a mature discussion about sexual assault when the public discourse is so terribly dominated by PC groupthink tainted with a radical feminist sensibility. We are stranded in an era where calling for due process in rape cases (see herehere and here) is considered "victim blaming." So is calling for people to keep an open mind when it comes to rape accusations, and preaching safety, and failing to treat a false rape claim as if it were an actual rape, and calling for men and boys accused of sexual assault to be anonymous. They use the term "victim blaming" so loosely it means nothing at all. And the folks who scream "victim blaming" the loudest are often are at the forefront in rushing to judgment to assume the accused is guilty based on nothing more than an accusation. See here and here.

The lunacy at work here is self-evident. If feminists wonder why even Barbara Walters recently refused to embrace the "feminist" label, they ought to start condemning over-the-top efforts like this one. Telling a rape victim she "asked for it" is victim blaming; pointing out a fact that could spare countless young women from being raped is not. The vast majority of people who don't spend big chunks of their day dissecting gender issues understand this. It's time to weed out the loons who don't get it before they do any more harm to our daughters.