Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Chilling story: the war on campus sexual assault is officially a sexual grievance industry

The New York Sun gives us this report that was as predictable as it is chilling. There is a “revolving door” through which former employees of the Department of Education's Office of Civil Rights are cashing out to go work for colleges -- to coordinate their campus rape efforts. Among them, Valerie Simons is starting a $150,000-a-year job as Title IX coordinator at the University of Colorado. Catherine Criswell is joining Stanford as its Title IX coordinator after a 19-year career at the Department of Education’s Office of Civil Rights. Harvard's new Title IX coordinator is Mia Karvonides, another Department of Education Office of Civil Rights lawyer. And you can be sure more will follow.

The schools are making these hires to navigate the "vague, complex, and arbitrarily enforced" rules that Washington has imposed on colleges to nail more college men on sexual assault charges. The new hires have not only the expertise but the Department of Education contacts to guide the schools through the morass.

Talk about a grievance industry. With an employment pipeline from government into academia. It's the progressive version of the military industrial complex. Harvard? Haliburton? What's the difference? In either case, young men are disposable.