Wednesday, July 9, 2014

A crime wave of unprecedented proportions on American college campuses. The feminists told me so.

It is a crime wave of unprecedented, epic proportions, and you probably didn't even know about it. For women on American college campuses, it's "The Purge" -- except unlike that inane film, which imagines an annual 12-hour period in which any and all criminal activity is legal, rape is allowed every hour of every day of every year, and the schools look the other way while college men do what they want with their female classmates. You think I'm making this up? Then you aren't aware of the stats:

●University of Central Florida has 1401 sexual assaults every year.

●Ohio State University (Columbus) has 1011.

●Texas A&M University-College Station, 962.

●Penn State's main campus, 901.

●University of Maryland (Twin Cities), 879.

●University of Arizona, 820.

You didn't know any of that, did you? Well, don't go looking to confirm it in the Clery Act reports -- they're a lie. For example, at the University of Central Florida, 1388 of those victims did not bother to report (why would they?), so they're not on any Clery Act report.

I know all this is true because the feminists told me so:

Read more about their efforts here.