Tuesday, April 29, 2014

COTWA, RAINN and Brett Sokolow Versus The Feminists

Yikes! Brett Sokolow, the undisputed leader of the sexual grievance industry with respect to American colleges, is sounding like COTWA.

No, we're not joking.  First, Brett Sokolow's letter is referenced in this Wall Street Journal piece.

Then read what COTWA wrote a couple of months ago here.

That's not the first time we've agreed with Sokolow. He has actually testified as an expert for a wrongly accused man in court. Sokolow, more than anyone else in America, establishes the guidelines colleges use in sexual assault matters.

Sokolow's comments are disturbing because they show that too often, colleges kowtow to a feminist tyranny that wants to punish men.

In any event, COTWA's piece is wholly consistent with Brett's. To us, it's just common sense, and Sokolow seems to agree. Sadly, the feminist community doesn't agree.

Hmm. Are you noticing a trend here? 

Just a few weeks ago, RAINN was sounding like COTWA, remember? And the feminists had a conniption about that, too.

So now the feminists can denounce COTWA, RAINN, and Brett Sokolow.

Tell me, who's the extremist in this discussion, and who are the adults at the table?