Tuesday, April 29, 2014

And now, a word from the chronically offended . . .

According to Jenny Davis, an Assistant Professor of Sociology at James Madison University, use of the word "seminal" is "blatantly sexist" and "perpetuate[s] inequalities or marginalization."

Right! I mean, what's thousands of years of etymology in the face of the grievance industrial complex?

The learned professor can't resist telling us that, for her, the word conjures up a crude act of male masturbation: "It evokes (at least for me) the image of some dude splooging his ideas all over everything."

What that description tells us about Prof. Madison's view of men is not exactly clear, but it doesn't sound especially good.

But give her credit. While women across the world are being murdered, brutalized, and truly oppressed by male-dominated cultures and regimes, Western feminists are fighting the good fight against Latin roots.  It's our guess that Prof. Davis could find "inequalities" and "marginalization" in a ham sandwich.

From the "rape culture" silliness, to the conniptions over the sleepwalking man statue and snow penises, to accusing people of "rape apology" when they want to keep an open mind in rape cases, to the college administrator who wants to expel on the basis of a sex accusation, to the writer who brands parties "rapist" and "victim" solely on the basis of gender and not conduct -- is it any wonder that so few people, including so few women, identify as feminist?