Tuesday, March 18, 2014

RAINN deserves our support

RAINN is the leading organization opposing sexual violence in the world. We urge everyone to donate to RAINN hereRAINN has written a letter to the White House that every person of good will should applaud. It addresses head-on the problem of rape -- a problem that should never be ignored even by those seeking to give voice to the wrongly accused -- and it debunks the notion of "rape culture":

"Rape is caused not by cultural factors but by the conscious decisions, of a small percentage of the community, to commit a violent crime."

This is what we've been preaching here for years. RAINN decries the "inclination to focus on particular . . . traits that are common in many millions of law-abiding Americans (e.g., 'masculinity'), rather than on the subpopulation at fault: those who choose to commit rape." It cites the work of Dr. David Lisak, just as this blog has done, in explaining that the notion of "rape culture" is inaccurate.

Rape is not caused by "rape culture" or masculinity. It's caused by sociopaths who rape. To assert that doesn't lessen the harm to rape victims, it simply makes clear that "redefining masculinity" is not the solution.

Persons who assume this blog apologizes for rapists obviously don't actually read what we write. Every civilized society must strive to eradicate heinous criminality by punishing offenders, but it also must insure that the innocent aren't punished with them. The latter concern typically is absent from the public discourse, and that's what we try to address, but we must never trivialize the other half of that balance, either.

It is unfortunate that Jessica Valenti and her ilk have chosen to part company with RAINN on this critical issue. It's like an angry, dissident priest attacking the Vatican because the Vatican doesn't support his outdated, hateful view that "The Jews" are responsible for Jesus' death. Valenti is stuck in a 1960s time-warp, still waving at a feminist parade that has long since passed her by, a feminism marked by a divisive, pathological disdain for the "masculinity" common to most men. RAINN's letter echoes comments we've made on this blog many times, and it evinces very clearly who is the extremist, and who are the adults at the table on this issue. Jessica Valenti engenders disrepute of feminism. If you need further proof of that, see here. Everyone who believes in gender equality needs to move away from her divisive views.

"Rape culture" is anti-intellectual. John Leo's piece on it is must-reading.

Let's all work together to have processes that protect the innocent from wrongful charges and convictions, and let's all work together to eradicate sexual violence. Concern about rape and about false rape claims are not mutually exclusive. See here.