Thursday, March 13, 2014

Off-topic: Horrific attack, horrific reaction

Two Maryland teenage girls, 17 and 15, forced an autistic 16-year-old boy to copulate with a family pet, they assaulted him with a knife on multiple occasions, kicked in the groin, dragged around by his hair, and forced him to walk onto a partially frozen pond. When the boy fell through the ice, they didn't help him get out.  The girls made videos of their horrific attacks.

Lauren A. Bush, 17, was released from custody Wednesday on personal recognizance, online court records show, after she was charged as an adult with first-degree assault, false imprisonment, and soliciting a minor in the production of child pornography — offenses that allegedly occurred between early last December and early last month. Bush's 15-year-old accomplice was detained at a state juvenile facility to await a court hearing.

The headline at the Stir is a bit off: "Mean Girls Accused of Sexually Torturing Autistic Teen 'Beyond Comprehension'." ("Mean girls"? Really?) The Stir's writer opines, "I'd venture to guess that one or both of these girls don't have the best home lives . . . ." Better watch that humanizing the attackers, didn't go over well when CNN did it in another case. See here.

We post this story here because we saw the following comment under the story reported at The Stir and felt compelled to share it. It just more evidence that you can find any loony thing on the Internet if you bother to look: