Monday, February 17, 2014

'Woman stole her date's SUV, then falsely accused him of rape'

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A Valentine's Day tryst ended with an Ocala woman in jail, accused of stealing her date's car.

Lloyd Jackson Jr., 48, called police Saturday to report that Tammy Hamilton, 47, had stolen his Ford Explorer, according to Ocala Police Department reports.

When officers arrived at Hamilton's home at 2246 W. Fort King St., Ocala, Jackson told them he picked her up Friday and they spent Valentine's Day together. He said she spent the night at his apartment, reports state.

When he awoke on Saturday, Jackson said, Hamilton and his Explorer were gone. He called a friend who drove him to Hamilton's residence and a short time later she reportedly drove up in the Explorer. Jackson said that, when she saw him, Hamilton tried to put the vehicle in reverse but he was able to reach through the passenger side and remove the keys, according to reports.

Hamilton went inside the house while Jackson waited outside for police to arrive. When officers spoke to Hamilton, she denied using the vehicle and blurted out that Jackson had paid her for sex, reports state.

Hamilton then accused Jackson of rape. After further investigation, including a trip to the hospital, Hamilton admitted she made up the rape claim, according to reports.

Hamilton was booked at the Marion County Jail on one count each of grand theft auto and giving a false report to law enforcement. She was being held Monday in lieu of a $5,500 bond.