Wednesday, January 8, 2014

A tale of two 'naked calendars' for charity: only the women are slut-shamed

Some of you might remember the controversy last year when the women of Warwick University rowing team put out a naked calendar and video for charity, the same as the Warwick University men's team. The two calendars and videos are back this year.

It is interesting to see how the women's calendar is received. The double standards are pronounced. While most voices seem to be accepting of the female calendar, there is a fair amount of "slut shaming" going on. Some feminist voices described the concept of the women's naked calendar as “tacky” and an “attempt to gain notoriety.” See here.  The men have not been subjected to such criticism.

One commentator said this: "It is interesting, as always, to see that the men's calendar has escaped any slut-shaming comments or outrage. We haven't seen the men of Warwick Rowing lambasted for selling their packages. They've been getting naked for charity for four YEARS and no-one's said anything."  Another said this: "if you have such strong principles about selling nudity, why is it ok for the men to do it, but not the women? Shouldn't you be splitting your anger equally? Somehow I doubt you will, because, as always, the sad world we live in, and the two-faced media we absorb, both cheerfully support anyone tending towards slut-shaming women."  See here.

The criticisms of the women's calendars -- the "slut shaming" -- seem to have emanated from women.