Friday, December 27, 2013

Xantya Ashton receives suspended sentence over false sexual assault and kidnapping accusation

A "WICKEDLY dishonest and manipulative" teenager falsely accused a man of kidnapping her and another of sexual assault.

Student Xantya Ashton, 18, of Abbey Road, Grimsby, admitted perverting the course of justice between December 22, 2011, and September 2012, by accusing Saman Adlohb of kidnapping her.

But a court heard that on the night she claimed she was kidnapped by Mr Adlohb and sexually assaulted by another man, she was actually having sexual relations with a third person.

Humberside Police investigated her claims over a number of days, spending many hours studying CCTV footage of the alleged route taken through Grimsby town centre.

At Grimsby Crown Court, Judge David Tremberg said the offence "struck at the heart of the criminal justice process".

He said: "No person should think they can use the criminal justice system for their own purpose."

Judge Tremberg said false complaints involve wasting scarce public resources.

He said: "The police expend extensive resources to unpick the lies. Police officers studied CCTV throughout Grimsby town centre. All those man hours were wasted because of your lies."

He said it was a "malicious" complaint against Mr Adlohb.

Judge Tremberg said such offences were all the more serious when they were persisted with until October this year, when Ashton admitted the accusations were false.

He said the most serious consequence of her action was to "devalue" genuine cases.

"It causes juries to doubt genuine complaints from real victims who have taken the trouble to give evidence in court, because they know people like you exist. That is quite unforgivable."

He slammed her "wicked lies" and described her as "wickedly dishonest and manipulative".

He sentenced her to six months in a young offenders' institute but suspended the sentence for 12 months.

He ordered her to undergo 12 months supervision from the probation service and 80 hours of unpaid work.

She will also be electronically tagged and subject to an 8pm to 6am curfew for 28 days.

When Ashton unsuccessfully applied to have the time extended to 11pm in order to work at a restaurant, Judge Tremberg said she was "lucky to have work at all".

Patrick Palmer, prosecuting, said Ashton had made a rape allegation against Mr Adlohb in November 2011, but no action was taken.

Then, on December 22, 2011, she called from a phone box to claim she had been kidnapped by Mr Adlohb in a van near Grimsby railway station and sexually assaulted by another man at a house where she was held.

Police studied CCTV of the route she was alleged to have taken through the town. But no evidence was found, and phone records showed she had met up with a man named in court as Dan Freeman.

He had agreed to meet her and told police they had gone back to his home and had sexual intercourse.

Police discovered the initial phone call claiming the kidnap had been made from a phone box near his home.

Mr Palmer said Mr Adlohb had spent five hours in police custody following his arrest.

For Ashton, Richard Butters said his client had been "to hell and back" and suffered mental health problems akin to post-traumatic stress disorder reaction.

He added: "Her regret is enormous."

References supporting her were handed in by her parents, a hair and beauty school, and by friends.