Monday, December 2, 2013

False sexual assault claim in Georgetown

A woman who told Georgetown police she was kidnapped and sexually assaulted is now charged with making a false report.

Georgetown police arrested Delisha Lashae Thomas, 27, at about 10 a.m. this morning. Police found her on Nov. 11 locked in the trunk of her car near Southwestern University in Georgetown. She said she was abducted the morning of Nov. 10 in North Austin. She told police she was taken to an apartment, locked in a bathroom, sexually assaulted and forced to clean the suspect's bathroom. She said suspect had a small tattoo of a star under his right eye.

The Georgetown Police Department says a detective recreate Thomas' whereabouts for the two days she was allegedly held captive through use of cell phone records, receipts and video footage from the HEB off Riverside Drive, a McDonald’s in Killeen and Austin Police Department LiveCrime cameras.

Thomas was presented the information and eventually confessed to making up the entire incident, police say, including pouring bleach on herself.

She did not provide an explanation for her actions.

Thomas is a former DPS customer service representative. Georgetown police also confirm that last year Thomas was a Huston-Tillotson University student who claimed she received a letter from the Department of Education congratulating her for receiving one of the highest LSAT (standardized test for prospective law school students) scores in the nation. But the department said it does not issue such letters.