Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Serial sex assault accuser finally going to jail -- but not before having two innocent men arrested

Helen Read, 44, was upset that her parents supposedly favored her brothers over her, so she falsely accused both of them of rape. Both brothers were arrested.

It turns out she also accused her father of rape on his deathbed. She also accused a neighbor and a paramedic of sex attacks. Too bad the police didn't bother to look into her background before arresting two innocent men. The cases proceeded, and a trial date had been set.

After initially pleading not guilty, finally, she pled guilty to two charges of perverting the course of public justice and was jailed for 15 months.

Judge Adele Williams told her that she had subjected her brothers to “the appalling prospect of being accused of rape.” She said: “I have no doubt that you caused your brothers a great deal of stress, their friends and family. Rape is an ugly and cruel offence and to make false allegations undermines the criminal justice system. You wanted to punish your brothers because of what you perceived to be favoritism by your parents in your childhood. Those who make false allegations of rape can expect nothing but a custodial sentence.”

Richard Ashley, defending, said doctors had diagnosed Read as suffering from a paranoid personality disorder which resulted in her craving attention. He claimed she had been taken to hospital after overdosing on medication the night before her expected sentencing hearing last week. He said she had taken the drugs because she want to stop “the voices she was hearing in her head.” Mr Ashley added: “It’s a case of malice against mental health...bad or mad? She suffers from a severe personality disorder and acted on impulse. What she did was as a result of mental illness not malice.”