Monday, November 11, 2013

Police didn't believe rape accuser when she tried to tell the truth and admit she wasn't raped

A woman whose rape lie sent an innocent man to jail wasn't believed when she tried to tell the police the truth -- that the man was innocent. They said she was just trying to protect the man she falsely accused of raping her. Fortunately, eventually they did believe her. Read the whole story here.

We often hear that a significant stumbling block for sexual assault victims is that they are not "believed." First, sexual assault accusers have no right to be "believed." The only legitimate expectation they should have is that their claims will be treated seriously. Second, this blog is a testament to the indisputable fact that too often, some women are "believed" when they shouldn't be. Third, sometimes, as in this case, women aren't believed when they are trying to correct a rape lie.