Thursday, November 7, 2013

It is time for all people of good will to insist that idiocy like this stop

Jennifer Hammat, institutional Title IX coordinator and assistant vice president for student affairs at the University of Texas, said the following: “For a campus population of 50,000 [students], that means we should be seeing 12,500 cases [of sexual assault] a year. And we’re not.”

Enough!  Please -- just stop!

Prof. KC Johnson puts Hammat's other-worldly epiphany into perspective: ". . . according to Hammat, her campus--all by itself--experienced an amount equivalent to around 15 percent of the alleged sexual assaults in the entire United States."

Peter Bonilla of FIRE tweeted: "That quote put differently: 'we should be seeing 250-300 rapes/sexual assaults per week.'"

If Hammat were correct, would anyone allow their daughter to attend that school?  How many young men would deserve to be expelled every year? Even allowing for multiple victims per perpetrator, it would have to be thousands of young men. Does that ring true here in the real world?

There were just 18 reports of forcible sexual assault at the school last year.  Likely some or many of those reports were not actual sexual assaults. Even assuming they were all sexual assaults, according to Hammat only 0.144 percent of all victims reported?

This doesn't just strain credulity, it shatters it into a thousand pieces. Ladies and gentlemen, it is time to stop treating this kind of silliness as if it were worthy of serious discourse. Hammat's statement is patently absurd. If you took a poll among average people on the street who don't go looking for gender oppression oozing from every crevice on campus, overwhelmingly they would agree this is downright laughable -- and they'd be right.

People in positions of authority like Hammat should not be paid to make laughable statements. There is a legal term for assertions like Hammat's that we all need to start using: bullshit.