Tuesday, November 5, 2013

If there were a potential murderer loose on campus, would the school defer to the victim's estate as to whether to report to law enforcement?

Is "sexual assault" a serious crime or isn't it, and aren't most perpetrators serial offenders?  Newsflash: expelling a rapist isn't going to stop him from raping -- women on campus will still be at risk. The following is the sort of news report that is beyond perplexing to us.

IOWA CITY, IA. — The University of Iowa says it is proceeding according to its policies after a female student reported a sexual assault but asked university police not to proceed with a criminal investigation.

According to a news release, the University of Iowa Housing and Dining staff received information Sunday that a university student had been sexually assaulted by an acquaintance in a dorm room.

The incident reportedly occurred between the late night hours of Saturday and the early morning hours on Sunday. According to the release, university officials know the identities of both parties involved “and are proceeding with actions in accordance with university policies.”

At the student’s request, U of I police are not investigating the incident, the release said.