Wednesday, November 13, 2013

False report charge filed in UAF sex assault case

FAIRBANKS — A University of Alaska Fairbanks student has been charged with making a false report of a sexual assault.

Bianca V. Angaiak, 21, a resident of the university campus, called police early in the morning of Oct. 5. She gave police a detailed description of a man who she said grabbed her and hit her on the head while using sexually aggressive language, according to a criminal complaint filed against Angaiak.

Police sent out a public-address message asking for more information about the man she described.

Video surveillance from the Moore-Bartlett-Skarland dormitory complex later disproved Angaiak’s account because it showed she was in the complex during the time of the assault, university police said. Police said Angaiak later recanted her story and said she made up the report for attention and to feel safe, police said.

Angaiak was charged with making a false report, a misdemeanor punishable similar to a driving under the influence conviction. Her first court date has not yet been scheduled. Angaiak has no previous criminal record in Alaska.

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