Thursday, October 17, 2013

The injustice to Paula Hall

The last time anyone remembered seeing 68-year-old Freda Heyn alive was on November 3, 2003 at the post office in Oldfield, Missouri. When family members finally reported her missing from the rural trailer where she lived on November 7, police found the inside of the trailer in disarray and with blood spattered on the walls, floors and ceiling. There was no sign of Heyn.

Christian County Sheriff’s Detectives began questioning residents who lived near Heyn’s trailer, including 36-year-old Paula Hall. Hall had been romantically involved with David Epperson, who was renting a house from Heyn’s son-in-law. The house was about a mile down the same road where Heyn’s trailer was located. At the time, detectives said they became suspicious of Hall because when they questioned her, she said, “I have no idea why anyone would want to kidnap…and harm Freda.”

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