Wednesday, October 23, 2013

'False rape' label should not be thrown around carelessly

Just as a cry of "rape" should only be made when rape occurs, women should not be branded false rape accusers unless they are false rape accusers.

Some internet users have branded an Ohio University journalism student named Rachel Cassidy as a false rape accuser in connection with the alleged sexual assault on a sidewalk during Ohio University’s homecoming. Viewers were outraged when they saw a video of the alleged rape, because they say it didn’t look like the sexual assault, contrary to the assertions of Ohio law enforcement.

The only problem is, Ohio University has said that Rachel Cassidy is not involved with the alleged sexual assault in any way. Cassidy has been subject to abusive comments online and was forced to delete her social media presence. She also had her email removed from the school’s directory and is currently taking time off from classes.

Raising awareness of the plight of the wrongly accused is a noble and worthy impulse, but with advocacy comes responsibility. We preach at this site that it is wholly improper to fight injustice with injustice. It can't work just one way.

Some who are reporting on the injustice to Ms. Cassidy are blithely ignorant to the plight of the countless men whose lives are destroyed by false rape allegations. COTWA speaks for the latter, and we also decry the injustice to Ms. Cassidy, because it has to work both ways.