Friday, September 13, 2013

Sign on frat house: "Dads: Winter isn't the only thing coming" branded "undoubtedly misogynistic"

At Queen's University, the above sign appeared on a frat house. It's crude, it's disgusting, and it's emblematic of a hedonistic culture that is all too prevalent on our college campuses. But it does not suggest non-consensual sex.

Yet, The Journal at Queen's University says that the sign is "undoubtedly misogynistic . . . ." And: ". . .the sign could be interpreted as fairly predatory." And: ". . . it encourages sexist social relations and could even help those who commit sexual assault justify their actions."

Actually, the sign is a twisted, in-your-face, celebration of the sort of barnyard rutting that is part and parcel of the no-consequence-sex, "hook-up culture" that too many college men and women happily practice. The prevailing views on campus -- that promiscuity is not something to be shunned, and celibacy is not something to be applauded -- are gender neutral. Sorry, Journal staff: not every childish celebration of teen horniness is predatory, even when it's practiced by frat boys.

Ah, but the Journal can't help but show it's true colors. The following statement in that article suggests it's not to be taken seriously: ". . . the fact that the sign was addressed to 'dads' is patriarchal. At worst, it implies that fathers own their daughters."

Oh, puh-lease!