Saturday, September 14, 2013

Loons over London: Writer says the wrongly accused should stop "noisily fostering a sense of grievance" since they aren't the real victims

Deborah Orr, writing in the Guardian, has penned an other-worldly piece that takes to task men wrongly accused of sex crimes and their defenders because, she says, they are "noisily fostering a sense of grievance."

Read it for yourself, but not an empty stomach.

Orr wants the wrongly accused to suck it up and "declare that despite their personal suffering, they are proud to live in a society that takes people seriously when they say they have been sexually abused . . . ." The wrongly accused should be grateful that the system gives credence to false rape accusers and should serenely declare "so be it" -- Orr's words -- when it happens to them. To Orr, the "real" victims aren't the wrongly accused, they are rape victims who find it traumatic to report their ordeals. The ordeals of men and boys who've been wrongly accused, on the other hand, are righteous sacrifices "to a cause much bigger than them – the fight for justice for [real] victims."  The wrongly accused are necessary collateral damage in the much more important war on rape. Men and boys should bend over and quietly accept their undeserved punishment.

The mind reels. What other group of victims is told to be grateful for their victimization? To be quiet about it?  To think that it somehow serves a greater good? Does Orr have even a glimmer of realization that what she is saying is bizarre, unjust, and hateful, all at once?

All due respect, Ms. Orr, but we can be grateful to live in a country where police officers take reports of crime seriously, while also being damn angry when we've been falsely accused. The two are not mutually exclusive, and you probably would be shocked to learn that the community of the wrongly accused is capable of simultaneously harboring both feelings.

Beyond all of that, Orr's vitriol does no favors for rape victims. Every rape lie diminishes the integrity of every rape victim. Rape victims have expressed support for the work of this blog for that very reason. When the public hears prominent voices in the town square declare that false rape claims are not merely acceptable but should be celebrated, when it thinks that the system does not adequately safeguard the innocent, jurors are all the more wary about convicting men and boys accused of rape, even when the evidence supporting guilt is compelling. While the public insists on harsh punishment for rapists, it does not tolerate a system that allows the innocent to be destroyed lightly. If we want to take sexual assault seriously, we need to take false accusations of sexual assault seriously. After all, a society that doesn't think falsely "crying wolf" is a serious matter must not think the wolf is such a bad thing after all.

But all of that is lost on Orr. Whatever her motives might be, she's not helping anyone, including rape victims.

To twisted Deborah Orr and the devotees of Deborah Orr's twisted mindset, we say: victims of false rape claims are entitled to the mantle of victimhood the same as victims of rape, and we will never, ever, declare "so be it" to injustice of any kind. Apologists for false rape claims should not be writing for major newspapers.