Friday, August 23, 2013

Young couple has consensual sex, lies that woman was raped so she could get a free test for sexually-transmitted diseases

In Ellwood City, Pennsylvania, police filed charges this week against Scott Young, 22, of 120 Hilltop Drive, Franklin Township, and Brandy Beck, 21, of 402 Loop St., Ellwood City, based on the accusation that they made false statements to police to allege that Beck had been raped.

The following information is from this news account. Beck told police that she had been walking home from the Double Dealin' tavern when she was attacked and raped along a fence near the car wash on First Street. Later, she told police that the rape took place across Fountain Avenue near the Shelby tavern, police said in a criminal complaint against Beck. At first, Young corroborated her account, but recanted when police noted inconsistencies in his report.

Beck's description of the attacker was very specific: she told police that the man was roughly 5 feet, 6 inches tall and weighed approximately 210 pounds. He was described as wearing a blue T-shirt with a firefighters' logo.

It all started Saturday evening, July 20th, Beck and Young had been at the Double Dealin' bar with another man, then they left to shoot pool at the Franklin Township fire hall, then they went to another tavern, the Oak Grove Inn, until it closed. Then Beck and Young, but not the other man, went to another location where they had consensual sex. Then came the rape lie.

In the criminal complaint, police reported that Young said Beck made the rape claim so that she could get a free test for sexually-transmitted diseases at Ellwood City Hospital as part of a rape investigation, and that she would later decline to press charges.

Beck told police that that she didn't want people -- specifically an ex-husband -- to find out about her dalliance with Young. The criminal complaint does not make clear whether Beck was still married at the time of the rape report.

Police filed charges of making false statements against Beck and Young.