Thursday, August 22, 2013

Study: College students more likely to have sex at party than on 1st date

A new study sheds some disturbing light on college sex -- here is an excerpt from a news report about it:

A large group of the students told the researchers that it’s normal or acceptable to have sex at or after a party, but it’s inappropriate on a first date. They explained their reasoning, the study indicated, by saying parties and dates have “very different” rules and expectations. 
That’s because parties, which numerous students said may involve excessive drinking, create a “more sexually charged atmosphere” where casual sex can occur, but this is not the proper atmosphere for promoting a potential long-term relationship.

A date, on the other hand, would mean the participants wanted to talk in a more formal setting and learn more about each other. “The two only kiss because traditionally a first date ends innocently,” one student wrote. “The two situations were very different.”