Thursday, August 29, 2013

Sexual assault claim near Harvard campus "erroneous," say police

A woman told Boston police that on August 18, she had been offered a ride to Cambridge by a man in a sedan after she’d tried to hail a cab. She said the man, an Indian male in his mid-thirties, sexually assaulted her near the Harvard University campus.

Boston Police determined that an August 18, 2013 report of an alleged sexual assault was -- in the words of the Boston Herald --"erroneous” -- and that "the facts of the case did not support the allegation as reported.”

The Herald: "Police did not say whether anyone will be charged with filing a false police report."

What does "erroneous" mean here?  Did the woman lie? Did the police get it wrong? By being vague when it would be very easy to be clear, the police and/or the Herald only make people think the worst. It certainly appears by the vague language in the article that the woman lied. If that isn't true, the public ought to be told.