Monday, July 15, 2013

We do no favors to black Americans by 'proving' their victim status with murky cases

We do no favors to marginalized people when we try to "prove" their victim status by pointing to murky cases, like the George Zimmerman mess. The social media pundits looking to turn a case that was about as clear as a dense New England fog into a bright line morality play only reinforce the beliefs of those who think that progressives exaggerate the victimhood of groups they seek to promote. (That the pundits' anger is misplaced over the outcome of the Zimmerman trial was demonstrated by this New York Times analysis. In addition, read what Prof. Dershowitz said about the case here and here.)

Unfortunately, the causes, and the solutions, for the marginalization of black Americans don't make for a simple sagebrush melodrama. The real villain confronting black America isn't an angry, gun-toting white guy looking to pick off a few "n*ggers" but a dysfunctional -- mostly fatherless -- culture that is a cistern of violence, dependency, and hopelessness.

George Zimmerman is a red herring, a distraction that keeps us from talking about the real problems. The biggest hurdle to tackling those problems is that progressive pundits are looking for Snidely Whiplash twirling his handlebar mustache and tying a helpless damsel to a railroad track when the problems are much more complicated, much bigger, and much scarier than that.