Thursday, July 25, 2013

Feminist: Huma Abedin's free choice to publicly forgive Anthony Weiner is invalid

A self-described rabble-rousing feminist named Lisa Bloom said that Huma Abedin's choice to stand by her husband, Anthony Weiner, and to publicly declare that she had forgiven him for his inappropriate sexual exchanges on the Internet, was nothing less than "spousal abuse," no different than when a victim of domestic abuse returns "for more."

Bloom, deigning to speak for unspecified others, declares: ". . . we will not bless [Abedin's action] just because it is her 'choice.'" That choice is invalid, according to Bloom, because "a public figure's cheating on his wife, then bringing her to the mea culpa press conference, [is] not only offensive to her but a slap in the face to women in the electorate." (Note that Bloom somehow knows something the rest of us don't know -- that Abedin didn't come to the press conference on her own, Weiner brought her.)  Then Bloom refers to Abedin as a "voiceless partner" (even though Abedin spoke at the press conference) who sucks up her pride while Weiner tramples over her dignity (because forgiveness is never dignified). For reasons we can't fathom, Abedin is a stand-in for all women, and because she has decided to not march in lockstep with Bloom's metanarrative, it's a "slap in the face" to all woman.

Bloom believes that a woman's right to choose her own path should only be respected if Bloom approves of the path chosen. That seems to be a decidedly unfeminist response.