Friday, March 1, 2013

Grand jury says there's no probable cause to indict teen son of Detroit Tigers' outfielder for sexual assault, decision comes too late for college football scholarship

A grand jury doesn't think there's enough evidence to indict Darius McClinton-Hunter, the 18-year-old son of Detroit Tigers outfielder Torii Hunter, for sexual assault case. That means the grand jury has determined there's not probable cause to indict.

McClinton-Hunter was arrested in May with four others outside Dallas, and accused of sexual assault. He had played football in high school and reportedly was being recruited by several colleges before his arrest. Shapiro said he was sent to an alternative school in the fall and held out of football games. Colleges that were considering making him an offer held back because of the allegations, said his lawyer.

"That all dried up, and it's a real shame that happened," he said. "False accusations caused him to miss out on a lot of opportunities."