Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Deputies: Woman lied about rape to cover up not being pregnant

As reported here:

A Lafourche Parish woman told sheriff's deputies she was kidnapped, raped, delivered a baby and that the baby was abducted by the rapist hours before her labor was to be induced.

But it turns out none of that ever happened, according to police.

The search started when relatives of Kelly Brown called police to report her missing.

Tracking her cell phone, a search party utilizing helicopters and airboats eventually found her partially clothed in a swampy area near Chauvin in neighboring Terrebonne Parish, acording to Capt. Dawn Foret with the Terrebonne Parish Sheriff's Office.

Foret told WWL-TV that Brown said she had been kidnapped from Golden Meadow by "an unknown black man."

"She reported she had been kidnapped, and brought to that location in Chauvin where she was raped, where she also delivered her baby and the suspect stole her baby," Foret told WWL First News.

After she was taken to the hospital, searchers continued to comb the swampy area looking for both the baby and the reported suspect.

But investigators soon noticed problems with her story, and Foret says Brown eventually came clean.

"We learned that she had completely made up the entire story," said Foret. "She was arrested for filing a false police report."

Foret says Brown apparently was pregnant at one point, but lost the baby months ago.

"She was pregnant, but she miscarried the baby and didn't want to tell her family," said Foret. "So she continued to tell them that she was pregnant and picked today as the potential due date and I guess made up the rest of the story to try and cover up the fact that she actually wasn't pregnant."

Detectives arrested the woman on a charge of criminal mischief for filing a false complaint.