Monday, February 11, 2013

The Jordan Johnson trial begins

“This is a case that is not about rape, but about a girl’s regret amidst a brewing storm,” defense attorney Kirsten Pabst said in her own opening statement in one of the most high profile rape cases in recent years, the trial of University of Montana ex-quarterback Jordan Johnson.

His version, according to Pabst: He went to her house expecting they would have sex. At first she said, “No, Jordy, not tonight. Later.” But then both became aroused and the woman — topless — climbed onto Johnson. When he asked about a condom, she indicated it was OK without one. And when he turned her over to continue sex, she called him bad “in a flirting tone.”

“Her message to Jordan at every turn was that she was willing and she was into it,” Pabst said. At least, until afterward. “Suddenly it seemed to her that maybe her feelings didn’t matter. Sadly, it seemed they didn’t,” Pabst said.

She said the woman’s feelings seemed to have changed in the swirl of publicity surrounding Johnson’s arrest. “Her regret was replaced by sympathy and attention and support and a little bit of drama and a little bit of celebrity,” Pabst said. “… She found a new identity: victim.”

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