Sunday, December 16, 2012

Writer ties Newtown atrocity to 'white masculinity'

It's started already.

The tiny bodies aren't even buried in Newtown, and Chauncey DeVega is using this tragedy to advance a strange agenda that seeks to marginalize white males. DeVega is wondering why there isn't "a national conversation . . . exploring if there is a crisis in white masculinity, which in turn is driving these types of horrific crimes." He huffs and puffs that "the luxury of being white in the United States is the freedom to have your violent deeds be a reflection of a personal failing, as opposed to a cultural or racial one. On a practical level, white privilege is a set of taken for granted and unearned advantages in life. On an abstract level, white privilege also removes certain questions from consideration regarding such matters as social deviancy and crime. As we saw with James Holmes, and now today with Adam Lanza, an unwillingness to ask those hard questions about gun violence, white masculinity, and crime will only continue to hurt all of us across the colorline."

DeVega's demonization of white males by insisting that obvious outliers are somehow cultural norms is not worthy of serious refutation. No rational person thinks Adam Lanza's lunacy is any sense representative of white males.

DeVega seems intent on achieving some sort of weird racial get-evenism. My guess is that he's pissed because too many people insist that terrorist acts by Muslims, and gang violence by blacks in the inner city, are "representative" of Muslim and black males, and he wants to give "white males," as a class, a taste of the same hateful medicine.

By any measure it is wrong to characterize Muslim and black males according to their worst representatives. It is just as wrong to similarly paint white males with a broad brush.

DeVega is either an angry race crusader who's just making a point by stereotyping white males, or, if he actually believes that this crazed killer is somehow representative of white males as a class, he's an irredeemable nitwit whose rantings are to be dismissed out of hand.