Thursday, December 27, 2012

Out on a date, deaf-and-mute girl cries rape to escape father’s rage

A 17-year-old girl alleged that she had been gangraped when she was actually out with her boyfriend because she was afraid her father would not approve of her being out late. "The girl’s father was furious when she came back late, so she panicked and told them she had been raped,” said an official.

The girl, who is hearing and vision-impaired, used sign language to allege that she had been picked by two unidentified persons and taken to a public toilet near her house, where she was raped for three hours, the police said.The girl’s accusation set off a series of emphatic reactions. On hearing the news, irate residents quickly gathered at the police station demanding arrests. Already on high alert after the nationwide outrage over crimes against women, the police rapidly registered a case and formed a team to arrest the “culprits.” The girl was rushed to Rajawadi hospital for a medical examination.

The hospital report, however, revealed no signs of forced sex or injury marks. Later in the day, she confessed that she had actually gone to her boyfriend’s house.