Thursday, November 15, 2012

Ozark child falsely accuses man of rape, admits sex with another

The Ozark Police Department is investigating the rape of a 12-year-old girl who initially accused one man before changing her story.

 The girl told her parents she was raped, and police were brought in to interview her. It was at that point when the girl accused a man of raping her. Police then interviewed the unidentified man, but he maintained his innocence.

When police interviewed the girl again, she admitted she made up the rape story.

The story takes a twist after that.

While the girl admitted she'd accused a man who had done nothing, she admitted she did have sex with another man.

Authorities later identified that man as Deharvey Barber, 19, who admitted to having sex with the child. Barber is now facing four counts of statutory rape.

It wasn't immediately clear why the child blamed someone else, but she now faces her own legal troubles.

The child, unidentified, faces charges including false reporting to law enforcement and obstructing governmental operation.