Friday, October 5, 2012

La. death row inmate released after confession turns out false and after being cleared by DNA

15 years. On death row. After a forced confession. It's amazing what the advent of DNA testing and technology have done for those innocents. Without going through the Innocence Project's list of profiles one by one, I think it's reasonable to assume most of them are men. Regardless of the gender makeup, one conviction from a false accusation is too many.

Kevin Thibodeaux is the 300th person whom DNA has shown to be innocent of the conviction. In this case, it also was enough to get him off of death row, and released from prison.

In 1997, Kevin was convicted of raping and killing his 14 year old step-cousin. A confession was obtained after 9 hours of interrogation, which was essentially the sole basis for his conviction. However, recent DNA testing shows that he was not the person who perpetrated the rape and murder.

He was released this last friday, after 15 years on death row.

In a statement, Thibodeaux said he was grateful to the district attorney and is “looking forward to life as a free man again.”

Since 2000, The Innocence Project says, six people have been exonerated from Louisiana’s death row.