Wednesday, September 19, 2012

The community of the wrongly accused asks Prof. Danielle Wozniak for an explanation

We are sending a link to this post to Professor Danielle Wozniak of the University of Montana, one of the creators of the mandatory sexual assault video series at the University of Montana.  We do so respectfully, because we find most of the information in the videos to be helpful and unobjectionable. Our concerns are limited to a few, critical areas that deserve serious airing in the public discourse.

Stop Abusive and Violent Environments, SAVE, recently wrote to the University of Montana expressing concerns about his school's mandatory sexual assault video series.  SAVE, which is not affiliated with this Web site, cited our Web site's writings on the video series in connection with its concerns.

In response, Associate Professor Wozniak, one of the creators of the videos, dismissed out of hand the concerns raised without addressing any of them, asserting that the information in the videos is "standard and accepted."

We respectfully disagree. We've demonstrated that certain critical information contained in the videos is unjust to presumptively innocent persons accused of sexual misconduct. We respectfully invite Professor Wozniak not to dismiss our concerns with conclusory assertions but to specifically address the matters we raise. Show us how we are wrong.

Show us how, for example, it comports with due process to force students who will adjudicate sexual assault hearings to watch a video put together by experts that posits "MYTH -- People lie about sexual assault." 

Show us how the assertion that "guilt tripping" is sexual assault comports with our jurisprudence's long-accepted views on duress and coercion, and how turning "guilt tripping" into a punishable offense could possibly pass due process muster.

Tell us if you agree with Dr. Lisak's research suggesting that sexual assault is not "normalized" or committed by, as feminist commentator Amanda Marcotte put it, "ordinary men who get out of control," but is, rather, perpetrated by a very small group of social deviants immune to the kind of sexual assault education contained in the videos.

Our concerns, which are supported by widely accepted sources and, we think, meticulous reasoning, are limited to the specific areas we write about.

We've been wrong in the past and have corrected ourselves; we'd gladly do so here, too, if that proves to be the case. By the same token, we would hope that if Professor Wozniak is not able to answer the matters we address, that she would take reasonable measures to modify the videos accordingly.

Our concerns are spelled out here:

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