Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Serial liar who cried rape is jailed over new false assault claim

SERIAL liar Kelly Walsh – who made up a story that she had been raped – has been jailed again after falsely claiming her ex-boyfriend had attacked her.

She later "tried to bluff her way out of it" but eventually confessed to lying yet again, a court heard.

Walsh, 24, formerly of Grimsby, admitted falsely reporting to the police that she had been assaulted, with intent to pervert the course of justice, on August 7 last year.

Phillip Evans, prosecuting, told Grimsby Crown Court that Walsh went to a police station in Rotherham and claimed that her ex-boyfriend, Jason Stevens, had hit her in the face, causing bumps on her head, during an incident in Grimsby.

Her story was treated with suspicion by the police and it emerged after two statements were taken from Walsh's mother and Emma Shadlock that the matter was "simply not true".

She was arrested on July 24 this year in Bradford.

As reported in April 2010, Walsh had been given a one-year suspended prison sentence at the same court after admitting perverting the course of justice by falsely claiming she had been raped.

She rang a helpline from a telephone box to claim she had been raped by a friend – and a 45-year-old man was arrested at his home.

The man was arrested, subjected to intimate sampling and was held in custody for hours.

In December that year, she was jailed for ten months after admitting breaching the order.

Ernie Lidster, mitigating, said Walsh had suffered many problems in her life, including relationship issues, and claimed there had been difficulties with her former boyfriend.

Mr Stevens was not arrested and the allegation was treated with disbelief by the police.
"She tried to bluff her way out of it," said Mr Lidster. "She was lying. She does regret her actions."

He added that Walsh, who is pregnant, was currently serving a 25-week prison sentence imposed by Keighley magistrates on July 25 for two theft offences.

Unemployed Walsh, who also admitted failing to surrender to bail on January 27, was jailed for seven months.