Saturday, August 18, 2012

Off-topic: Disdain for the boyfriend

Below is a You Tube video of a Pizza Hut commercial that, in just a few seconds, manages to sum up a host of really screwed up gender roles. Sadly, they ring true. Watch it first, then ask yourself if this commercial could have been made with the genders reversed -- that is, with the son asking his mom about a veggie pizza for his girlfriend, and the mom reacting with disdain. I sincerely doubt it, because that would not have played into the familiar stereotypes: dads being overly protective of their daughters and viewing their male suitors with disdain, especially if those male suitors don't meet dad's standards (and a veggie-loving boyfriend often wouldn't).

I know, I know -- it's "just" a commercial -- but like a lot of commercials, it holds a mirror up to our culture, and we need to ask ourselves if we like what we see.