Thursday, August 9, 2012

Houston woman arrested for false report of sex assault

A 20-year- old Hous­ton woman was charged with one count of falsely reporting an incident Tuesday after Milford police inves­tigated an earlier domestic dispute, spokesman Det. Dwight Young said.

Arlina R. Hendrickson told police she had been sexually assaulted nu­merous times and held against her will by a 28-year- old male at a resi­dent in the 600 block of North Street during a July 28 incident, according to Det. Young.

Police said that detec­tives later discovered that the charg­es were untrue and Ms. Hendrick­son had made the report in hopes of avoiding consequences from the domestic dispute. According to police in court documents, Ms. Hendrickson filled out a victim's report at 7:18 a.m. that accused the victim of a sexual assault from earlier in the morning. Police said Ms. Hendrickson said she had gone to the victim's residence to pick up her house key and money he owed her from a cell phone bill before she was accosted.

Ms. Hendrickson told police she was able to get car keys and drive away through the grass and escape after the victim blocked her exit, ac­cording to documents. She told po­lice she heard him yell he was going to call the police because she had broken a no- contact order, though police noted in the arrest report that Ms. Hendrickson was not under an order.

When police contacted the vic­tim, according to the arrest report, he said that Ms. Hendrickson had struck him numerous times at the residence and refused to leave. The victim told police that she had fled the residence and did not want any­thing done, according to the arrest report.

Further investigation revealed that Ms. Hendrickson's original reporting of a timeline of a series of events did not match a subsequent version. She later said she was not raped, police said in court documents.

Hendrickson, of the 1300 block of Pine Street, was arraigned via video phone at JP Court 2 in Rehoboth Beach and released on a $1,000 un­secured bond.