Friday, August 24, 2012

Former Husker charged with making false report about hate crime

A former University of Nebraska women’s basketball player who alleged that she had been assaulted because of her sexual orientation has been charged with making a false statement.

33-year-old Charlie Rogers had told Lincoln police three men broke into her home July 22nd, carved anti-gay slurs on her arms and stomach, and tried to burn her house down. The reported assault sparked a rally outside the Capitol, protesting discrimination against the homosexual community.

An investigation into the alleged hate crime cast doubt on Rogers’ account. Lincoln Poice Chief Jim Peschong told reporters during a news conference that investigators found no signs of attack in the house. A forensic pathologist from the FBI suggested Rogers either cut herself or had someone else cut her. Gloves found at the scene that Rogers claimed belonged to her attackers contained her DNA.

Rogers, from South Sioux City, played for Nebraska between 1996 and 2000. She ranks #2 all-time in career blocked shots and #8 in rebounds on the Nebraska women’s basketball team.