Thursday, July 19, 2012

Woman alleges rape by Swinging Richards strippers

So let me get this straight ... she says that she wouldn't have done it if she hadn't been drinking, but doesn't that imply that she was aware of what was happening? And if her friend was there, and he didn't try to stop anything, wouldn't that show implied consent (and yes, there is such a thing). This doesn't really sound like a rape case to me. And since she is saying that she can't identify the individuals, imagine being one of the male strippers there who weren't involved. The scrutiny they are now under, for doing nothing, must be terrifying.

The story after the jump:

An unidentified woman claims that she was raped by two male dancers at Swinging Richards, the gay-popular strip club, on June 9 after a night of heavy alcohol consumption.

The Atlanta Police Department's report on the incident states that the woman began the evening at a friend's house, where they consumed several alcoholic beverages. The pair then went to Blake's on the Park, a gay bar on 10th Street, and found themselves at Swinging Richards later in the evening. The woman's identity is being withheld by police.

The story was first reported by Atlanta's ABC affiliate WSB.

The report goes on to state the woman purchased a lap dance from one of the two alleged rapists, who then took her to a V.I.P. room with her male friend. In the V.I.P. room, the report states that the two strippers “bent her over a table and had sex with her.”

The male friend, according to the report, saw the woman perform oral sex on one of the dancers, but did not see the actual sex act.

The woman said that should could not identify the strippers and added that she “would not have done it if she hadn't been drinking.”

Atlanta Police Department spokesperson Carlos Campos said today that the incident is under investigation by the department's Special Victim's Unit and that the department was “pleased with the progress.”