Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Two teens spend four months in jail for a rape they didn't commit

K'Vaughn Hines and Sheldon Sneed, both 19-year-olds, were charged and arrested six months ago for allegedly raping and beating a woman at the Greenbelt Metro Center in December were freed today after DNA tests exonerated them.

The pair said all along they were innocent as they spent four months in jail and another on house arrest.

“It was harder knowing that I didn't do something than to do it...because if you did something you can man up to it," Hines said. "Being in jail for something you didn't do is just hard to click in through your head, and facing that much time in jail is hard.”

Sneed agrees.

"It's a helpless feeling because you really can't do anything about it,” Sneed says. “You have to prove yourself and that's what the DNA did.”

Their friends and family were by their side.

“I knew from the beginning that he didn't do it because I asked him if he did it,” says George Hines, K'Vaughn's grandfather. “He told me ‘no.’ He told me know that he didn't do it.”

From here these young men will attempt to rebuild their lives. It's a job both find daunting.

“One thing I learned when I was incarcerated you can't get back what's lost," Sneed says. “But you can definitely go forward, so I'm going to go forward.”